Employee engagement

Our success depends on our people performing at their best – and for this they need to feel motivated, connected and valued. By making sure our employees are engaged, we create a culture of personal responsibility, diversity and innovation.

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We last ran our biannual employee engagement survey in 2017. We had a high participation rate (84 percent) and high overall engagement scores (83 percent). When we compare ourselves to other high performing organisations, over 94 percent of participating employees rate our way of working on environmental responsibility significantly above the norm. 

We saw some improvement around career development issues – an area we have been working on (for example, our investment in the MyFuture programme). We continue to focus on improving our Process Efficiency and Managing Change. We still have work to do in these areas; both are critical for our long-term success. Following an in-depth root-cause analysis and best practice research, we are finalising action plans. Our next survey will run in 2019, and we will report on the results in our next report, to be published in 2020.

As the pace of change is increasing, we know that we need more flexible and agile way of listening to our employees’ opinions. That’s why we will be introducing the employee engagement pulse surveys. These will complement the current biennial EE surveys with more frequent and short surveys. It will also help us in addressing global/ functional or cluster engagement measurement needs in a more agile way.?

We will use them to follow-up on employee engagement actions and as a pulse check after a significant change in the organisation, as well as to collect feedback where we see issues in morale or turnover in specific areas of the organisation.

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Shared values

We believe that a sense of team and common purpose needs shared values. In such a diverse business, it is more important than ever to create a common ‘language’.

Our values are:

  • Customer focus and long-term view

  • Quality and innovation

  • Freedom and responsibility

  • Partnership and fun

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Recognising success and looking ahead

Recognising positive behaviours and performance is important to us and we acknowledge our colleagues in a number of ways. For example, any employee can nominate a colleague for an Excellence Award in four categories: customer, innovation, operation or leadership. We also recognise teamwork with our awards for market and factory of the year.

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