Our ambition is to deliver packages that contribute to a low-carbon circular economy that is packages made entirely from renewable and/or recycled materials that are fully recyclable, without ever compromising on food safety requirements.

Deliver on your environmental goals.

We want to be right there to help you grow sustainably. This is why we’ve extended our packaging range to include more products with increased renewable content and reduced environmental impact. Browse through our growing portfolio to find your next packaging solution.

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Recycle and close the loop

We support a circular economy in different ways, e.g. by creating products that are easy to dispose of and recycle, or by renovating and reselling used equipment.

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A little kindness goes a long way.

We are working to support the sustainable future of our planet and the long-term success of our customers. That’s why we are using fewer resources to create our packaging solutions without compromising our high standards. Our packages are made with lighter but robust materials, to keep protecting what’s good for you and for the planet.

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?????????????????????????????????????????Building a circular carton packaging portfolio

In 2018, we started to restructure our packaging portfolio innovation strategy around a vision of the ideal beverage carton package. Our ambition is to deliver a package that contributes to a low carbon and ultimately climate neutral circular economy, that is, a package made entirely from renewable and/or recycled materials that is fully recyclable, without ever compromising on food safety requirements?. Creating this ideal package will require significant innovation and development, and we are already working hard to deliver it. ?

Renewable resources are natural materials that grow back, such as wood and sugar cane. Using these and managing them responsibly differentiates us in the market and protects our planet. 

On average more than 70 percent of a Tetra Pak carton by weight is paperboard and one of our priorities is sourcing sustainable timber. All our paperboard is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council? ?(FSC?) certified forests and other controlled sources. The FSC? license code for Tetra Pak is FSC? C014047.?

We invest time and resources into finding the best sustainable alternatives across all our businesses. In packaging we are increasing the renewable content of our packages by, for example replacing fossil-fuel based materials with bio-based polymers derived from sugar cane. We also continue to expand the bio-based caps and laminate coatings offerings to further reduce our carbon footprint. 

As part of our commitment to reduce our use of plastic across our portfolio, replacing it with renewable alternatives, we recently announced our ambition to launch a paper straw ?in 2019 that meets global demand by 2025, and we quintupled our investment in converting all plastic straws to paper in the longer term?

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