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Competence development to boost your business

Empowering your staff through training and development is a powerful way to improve your business. Having your personnel tap into 60 years of food manufacturing knowledge and inspiring them to be the best at what they do will improve performance and reliability in your operations. Our comprehensive training offer is available to customers worldwide, on the job or in Tetra Pak facilities. Investing in training is simply a wise choice. The decisions made by competent staff don't just secure a profitable operation today – they also lay the groundwork for a brighter tomorrow.

Giving you support…

Through our comprehensive global training offering, we design and deliver targeted training adapted to your needs. With our dedicated instructors and experts in the field, we provide competence assessments, development plans and certifications through flexible and well proven delivery methods.??


Tetra Pak Technical Training Centre employee training staff in how to use equipment.

…for all your training needs

Whether you are starting up with new equipment, introducing new products or onboarding new employees, we make sure to help your workforce acquire and maintain the skills they need to perform their responsibilities in the best possible way.

Tetra Pak Technical Training Centre employee helping operator from Asian dairy producer get certified.

Don't just take our word for it...

A dairy producer in Asia turned to us in order to reduce production inefficiencies as well as build operator confidence. Together we trained and certified the operators to ensure that they understood how to run their equipment and how to best perform the necessary procedures for weekly care. The outcome of our collaboration was a satisfied customer that managed to increase their production by 30% and reduce spare part costs.

Read full customer case Operator certification at an Asian dairy and juice producer boosted productivity by 30% (pdf).

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