Working at Tetra Pak Oceania

We think Tetra Pak Oceania is a great place to work, but learn more from people who actually work here.

?Amanda Love, Supply Chain Integration Manager

Years at Tetra Pak: 6 years.

Best part of the job: Having a great team.

Amanda said, "Our team is very close and we all jump in without a word when other people need help. You don't need to worry if you leave early or have holidays, as there is always someone willing to help."

What started as a three month contract, has turned into a great career for a valued employee. "Who would have thought that I'm still here after almost six years," she said.

Amanda initially joined Tetra Pak? as a supply chain account executive. When asked if she would like to stay beyond her contract, she said yes, and worked part time while finishing her logistics studies at the University of Sydney. She has progressed through her department, and now leads it. Amanda was also a key project team member during the implementation of SAP in 2011.

"The best part about working for Tetra Pak is having freedom to do your job, but with responsibility," she said. "The work you do for the company is recognized and there are always opportunities."

Amanda's favourite product is Tetra Prisma? Aseptic, as it's perfect for on-the-go consumption.

The three words she would you use to describe Tetra Pak are opportunity, professional and global.

Amanda Love
Cheryl Speechly

Cheryl Speechley, Environment Manager?

Years at Tetra Pak: 19 years

Best part of the job: While Tetra Pak is a company with a 60 year history, nothing has been static during that time. The company continues to evolve, providing new opportunities and challenges for its employees. "This includes opportunities to see parts of the world which I would not have visited otherwise," Cheryl said.

Cheryl joined the company as a Personal Assistant, before progressing to administration and management roles within our Processing and Technical departments. She was also Customer Service Manager for a period of time, before starting her current role of Environment Manager in 2008.

"I am proud to represent a company which has a strong heritage of protecting the environment and that does more than what it says," she said.

Cheryl's favourite product is Tetra Classic? Aseptic, a revolutionary package which uses the minimum of materials while making food "safe and available everywhere". It also has nostalgic value for memories of Sunny Boy and Raz.

The three words Cheryl would use to describe Tetra Pak are ethical, inventive and perpetual.

David Rogerson, Product Manager, Plant Components

Years at Tetra Pak: 12 years

Best part of the job: In David's view, the best thing about working at Tetra Pak is the people. Many of the people I work with, I have known for a number of years now. We get on well at work and sociably.

David and his son Jeff both work for Tetra Pak in New Zealand. David joined the company 14 years ago and travels to customers throughout New Zealand selling plant components and the TS&S portfolio.

He really appreciates Tetra Pak's attitude to its employees, which is described in the company's core values as freedom with accountability: where you are expected to deliver results, but at the same time, have the freedom to use individual initiative and discretion when approaching work. Tetra Pak is also, according to David, a generous company to work for.

Knowing Tetra Pak was a great place to work, David recommended his son join Tetra Pak when a position became available that fitted his qualifications. Jeff has now been a Field Service Engineer with Tetra Pak for seven years.

David first entered the workforce as an apprentice fitter and turner. "It's not called that anymore though, it has some fancy title nowadays," he says. The industry has seen many changes, with the progress of automation. "We still, however need people with hands on experience to be able to service the Tetra Pak range of equipment whether it be Packaging equipment, Separators, Homogenisers etc," he said.

David Rogerson
Jeremy Soh

Jeremy Soh, Field Service Engineer

Years at Tetra Pak: 4 years

Best part of the job: The ability to travel to many different places and meet different people.

Jeremy initially worked for Tetra Pak in Malaysia, and joined Tetra Pak Oceania in 2013. Based in Hamilton, New Zealand, he works at our customer sites in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, and is a key team member at Fonterra's new site at Waitoa.

"Tetra Pak is a global company which is able to provide opportunities to develop my skills and knowledge. Moving to New Zealand was one such opportunity, which I am enjoying immensely," he said.

"At Waitoa, I am working with the team to make this new UHT factory a world-class facility. Technical service is a key part of my role, along with focussing on line performance improvements."

Jeremy's favourite product is Tetra Brik Edge Aseptic. "It's a new product with a nice design," he said.

The three words Jeremy would use to describe Tetra Pak are opportunities, growth and sustainability.

John Van Ballekom, Engineering Business Development Manager, Processing?

Years at Tetra Pak: 26 years

Best part of the job: Diversity of technologies and people

After 26 years with the company, John says he has had many memorable moments at Tetra Pak.

In his current role, John works with customers to develop integrated solutions for achieving their business objectives, whether this is increasing the volume, type or variety of products they offer. This can involve detailed engineering and production simulations.

As a professional engineer, John loves the range of technologies he can work with at the company – from thermo dynamics, to automation and fluid mechanics.

John has also been fortunate to work in a variety of offices, spending time in Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand since he started with the company and also travelling widely.

His favourite Tetra Pak product is the one litre Tetra Brik Aseptic carton as he's an enthusiastic consumer of long life milk. A father of teenagers, John says he can never predict how much milk they'll drink. "It's useful to always have a supply on standby," he says.

John Van Ballekom
Lisa Merrell

Lisa Merrell, Finance Director?

Years at Tetra Pak: 20 years

Best part of the job: The variety, opportunities to learn, and the people

Lisa has a business degree and is a qualified chartered accountant. After spending some time as an auditor, she joined Tetra Pak 19 years ago, where she has taken on a variety of roles in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Lisa has taken on a number of project roles during the past six years, which she has held between two maternity leave breaks. She was appointed Finance Director for Tetra Pak Oceania in 2014.

She appreciates that her work with Tetra Pak has allowed her to develop international experience and a network of contacts across the globe. She also likes that many Tetra Pak employees stay at the company for more than 10 years, providing an opportunity to develop strong relationships among co-workers.

Lisa's favourite Tetra Pak product is the Tetra Brik Aseptic carton. "It's fabulous to be able to distribute food products that won't perish and can be readily available all around the world," she said.

Sean Nixon, Process Engineer?

Years at Tetra Pak: 2 years

Best part of the job: Variety and getting to work on all phases of projects, from sales and design, through to implementation, construction and commissioning.

This is Sean's first professional role since graduating from Waikato University.

"It's been a whirlwind since I joined Tetra Pak. I've been involved in a number of UHT installations, including at two Fonterra sites, Takanini and Waitoa," Sean said.

"Tetra Pak treats its employees well, and provides great development and training opportunities to help staff to upskill.

"I am enjoying the people I am working and interacting with, both locally and internationally."

Sean's favourite product is Tetra Therm Aseptic Flex because of its energy efficiency and product flexibility.

Three words Sean would use to describe Tetra Pak are freedom, innovative and global.

Sean Nixon