????????Industry-leading equipment for bulk powder bags ?

Manufacturing and servicing industry-leading equipment for filling, gassing, sealing and emptying bulk bags of milk powder is one of the ways Tetra Pak Oceania supports dairy companies growing their export business.

“Tetra Pak Bulkpak equipment is a critical part of the way we support the fast-growing powdered milk and nutritionals market in New Zealand and around the world,” said Chris Morgan, Senior Director and Market Area Leader, Tetra Pak Oceania.

Michael Greer, Materials Handling Engineer, Tetra Pak Oceania, is responsible for the bulk powder bags equipment portfolio which includes post-gassers for 25kg and 1 tonne bags of powder, heat sealers, filling heads and dischargers.

“Our equipment portfolio for handling bulk powder bags has a number of industry-leading benefits valued by our customers which include Fonterra and Nestle,” said Greer.

Post-gassers operate by removing oxygen from bulk bags of powder and replacing it with nitrogen. The lower the residue of oxygen (RO), the longer the shelf life.

“Our post-gassers ensure the lowest residue of oxygen levels of any units on the market, which helps maximise shelf life, to meet customers’ demands” Greer said.

The post-gasser 600 for 1-tonne bags incorporates a sealing unit while the 25kg post-gasser for 25kg bags uses a separate heat sealer down line.

“Our sealing units are known for their even heat seals and consistent performance, which helps reduce package failure and product loss,” he said.

The portfolio also includes equipment for efficiently filling and emptying of bulk bags.

“Bosspak type bulk bags are been utilized globally, because of the stability of the filled bag when stacking in the warehouse.”

Our Bosspak filling head is regarded as one of the best on the market to fill the Bosspak Bags because of the way the spinning head throws powder into the corners, ensuring each bag fills evenly,” Greer said.

Manufacture of the Bulkpak powder bag equipment will soon relocate to Waikato Innovation Park in Hamilton,New Zealand. The purpose-built two-storey 3500 square metre building will house Tetra Pak’s New Zealand headquarters, design team and technical service team.??
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25 kg post gasser