Juice producer reduces CO2 footprint and water consumption 

Using our Environmental Benchmark approach leads to reducing customers environmental impact 

A juice producer in North America asked for our help to reduce their environmental impact in an effort to further build on their strong environmental profile and strategy. The customer plant had more than ten Tetra Pak? lines installed, as well as a high number of SKU’s and complex changeovers. The customer was experiencing high water consumption and CO2 footprint and lacked a baseline for environmental KPI’s. 

Optimisation of Cleaning in Place (CIP) and Upgrades to the heating and cooling systems

By using our Environmental Benchmark approach, we were able to understand the As-Is situation and quantify the improvement potential for the customer. Our team of experts within processing, packaging, environment management and continuous improvements conducted the on-site As-Is situation analysis. Measurement of cycle-times, flows, temperatures and other parameters were gathered. Furthermore, we assisted in production scheduling analysis and opportunity analysis. The project lasted for seven weeks, of which two were spent on-site. The solutions proposed following the analysis phase included optimization of the customer’s Cleaning in Place (CIP) and an upgrade to the heating and cooling systems. Continuous improvement activities were mapped, along with upgrades to processing equipment, which would help the customer reduce circulation costs.?

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Results achieved

We were able to identify an annual savings potential of:

  • 3.5 tons CO2 (20% reduction)

  • 27 M litres water (30% reduction)

  • 0.5 M€

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